Claudia Nassal

Calligraphy and Paper Artwork

  • Metal type/phototypesetting
  • Executive function at art publishing company
  • Current main activities
    • calligraphy
    • bookbinding

Today I preferably create in postcard-size. Myself, I am a small person and often wonder about different views due to different eye-levels. This orientation towards the small and smallest makes the world big and seizable for me. Due to the main media flood of images, our eye permanently has to distinguish what is seen and ‘let in’.

Wisdom always speaks of the whole even if it is about the inconspicuous small things. We become wise when we don’t forget that everything is connected with each other.

Gladly I invite You to let your eyes and senses wander along single statements and word-constructions. Take a seat and Your time and leisure to let new worlds be formed within Yourself.

Claudia Nassal

Zur Brücke 1
88699 Bruckfelden-Frickingen
Tel.: 07554 919